Is carpet the right choice for you?

5 reasons to install carpet:
Choosing the right material.
Carpet textures & patterns explained.


Engineered hardwood vs. solid hardwood: what’s the difference?

To try and answer this question I would first like to explain the term hardwood. Hardwood is any wood from a deciduous tree such as Oak, Cherry or Maple. (In contrast, soft wood comes from a coniferous tree  such as pine, spruce and cedar. Heartwood is from the center of any type of tree and…

What to do with those tricky corners: 3 cabinet solutions

Wherever you have a corner in a run of cabinetry, you must address it carefully.  There are a few options and you will have to decide which one works best for your space. One of the newest options that cabinet companies are offering is corner drawers. They look cool because they are the newest thing;…